This site is a curated list of augmented performances.

Its purpose is twofold:
- to serve as inspiration and a "pool of ideas" for artists and digital creatives.
- to make people more acquainted with augmented performances and help them discover this emerging medium.

An augmented performance is a performance that uses video projection to create an environment that the performer can interact with.

Every time that someone asks you "what is an augmented performance?", point them to this site!
www.augperf.com redirects to this site.

I'm looking forward to your submissions of augmented performances.

email: augperf@gmail.com

Feedback and ideas about how this site could be improved are also welcome.

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Some people use the terms "interactive performance" and "augmented performance" interchangeably.

An augmented performance differs from an (interactive) media installation in that it features at least one performer.

Technology might be able to provide tools that promote synergy between performers and digital content. Digital content can be a powerful tool for storytelling.

I'm interested in augmented performances that enhance the original content of the performance and don't obscure it. Technology as a tool and not as a substitute for art. There is a fine line between too much and too little. Therefore I think that artists should collaborate with technologists.

An augmented performance could benefit from the collaborative brainstorming of dancers, performers, acrobats, musicians, composers, sound engineers, choreographers, storytellers, directors, scenographers, photographers, lighting experts, technologists, HCI (human-computer interaction) researchers/engineers, computer vision researchers/engineers and digital content creators.

Because all of this is so new, a lot of experimentation has to take place. I think it is interesting to investigate how to make creative and artistic use of this understanding of gesture and movement in order to complement and augment the performance.

With the advent of realtime computer vision, it is now possible to classify and analyze human movement in non-invasive ways.

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My name is Fivos Kefallonitis.
I enjoy creating tools for artists. I also do acrobatics.
If you're looking for someone to develop creative concepts and applications, I would be interested in hearing from you. My strength lies in rapid prototyping and image processing/computer vision.

My personal website is www.fivos.org and my latest work is an app about sheet music organization ( www.getprimavista.com ) .
I also run a blog showcasing acrobatics and feats of strength, www.bodyhax.org and made a site about circus, www.thisiscircus.net .